Love Your Dog with Limited Ingredients ... Here’s Why

Love Your Dog with Limited Ingredients


If you’re familiar with the Dogs Love Kale products, you’ve probably noticed every product offers “limited ingredients.”

What does “limited ingredients” really mean?

Is a limited ingredient treat really better for my dog?



A dog treat with limited ingredients is a product that:

  • Uses a limited number of all-natural, real ingredients
  • Does not contain unnecessary (and often unhealthy and fattening) fillers (see Animal By-Products below)
  • Does not contain added:
    • Chemicals
    • Additives
    • Animal by-products or “meals” (which can, by law, included diseased tissues and tumors; used as fillers)
    • Rendered fat/lard (this does not include natural fats)
    • Artificial Flavors
    • Artificial Coloring (especially blues, reds and yellows)
    • Artificial Preservatives (like propylene glycol as known as anti-freeze)


A limited ingredient dog treat does not mean limited nutrition; quite the contrary!

A dog treat using limited ingredients must still have the proper balance of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals which support your dog’s best health and wellness. The best wholesome nutrition comes from minimal processing, all-natural ingredients produced by nature.

Your Dog Relies on You to Protect Him

Remember, your dog relies upon you to make the best-informed decisions about what he eats. Keep reading to learn why a limited ingredient dog treat is always better for your beloved canine.



Did you know that 5 out of 10 vet visits are due to food intolerances, sensitivities or allergies?

Just like with their human owners, food that is more natural, fresher and without over-processing goes a long way in supporting your dog’s overall health, wellness, energy and longevity. Below are the immediate benefits of regularly feeding your dog a healthy, high-quality, limited ingredient treat.

  1. They are lower in natural calories without added calories from fillers.
  2. They are easier to digest.
  3. They do not trigger digestive upset, allergic reactions or food intolerances/sensitivities from unwanted additives and fillers like wheat/grain*, corn, soy, eggs or dairy. Common symptoms for K9 food allergies or sensitivities include:
    • Itchy or flaky skin
    • Hot Spots
    • Hair Loss
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Chronic gas
    • Persistent licking of feet or butt
    • Scratching of the ears
  4. You know exactly what you’re feeding your dog with human-grade, fresh and recognizable ingredients found in nature.

* Note: Grain-free does not always mean “limited ingredients.” Read all labels carefully.

Your Dog's Itching Can Mean Allergies


The Dogs Love Kale treats are guilt-free with limited ingredients and no gluten or sugar. They contain kale as the main ingredient along with a limited number of other 100% all-natural, USA ingredients to keep canine stomachs happy and full without an excess of empty calories that can lead to debilitating weight gain and health issues.

Dogs Love Kale treats are made with limited ingredients

The Dogs Love Kale Treats

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Dogs Lvoe Kale cannot guarantee any health benefits


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