The Pea that's Not Really a Pea

Have you noticed we’ve added a new yummy, long-lasting treat for your dog called Dogs Love Hummus Chews?!

Like all of our dog treats, this chew is made with limited 100% all-natural, USA ingredients.

Dogs Love Hummus Chews


But, WHY chickpeas you ask?


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans (the main ingredient in hummus – a creamy dip from the Middle East) are a naturally packed source of protein and fiber, contain no sugar and are dog-friendly! Also, the chickpea is not known to pose an allergen risk to canines.

(Note: While chickpeas are a healthy food option for your dog/puppies,
hummus is not due to the added lemon juice and garlic!)

Dried chickpeas come without any additives including salt and when cooked in plain water or broth, the chickpea offers a tasty, easy-to-swallow, nutrient-packed food option.

(Note: If you decide to feed your dog already-cooked, canned chickpeas,
get the low-sodium variety and thoroughly rinse them to remove any
excess sodium to protect your dog’s health.)



The garbanzo legume offers a rich source of:

  • Protein (plant-based)
  • Fiber (supporting good doggy digestion; although too much can lead to excess gas)
  • Magnesium, lecithin and folate (supporting cell production, recovery and good health)
  • Potassium (supporting heart, muscle, digestive system, nerve and kidney functions)
  • Vitamin A (regulating blood support and supporting eye health)
  • Vitamins B and C (supporting the immune system with antioxidants and preventing/delaying cell damage)

      (Click here to see all the nutritional facts for chickpeas.)



    You should add chickpeas to your K9's diet!

    The chickpea is a nutritious, gluten-free and cheap protein for your dog. Want to cook your own chickpeas for your dog? It’s just like cooking other dried beans (be sure to rinse before cooking). Cook:

    1. For about 2 hours after soaking overnight or soaking for a minimum of 3 hours; or
    2. Without soaking for an additional 30 minutes.

    Add whole or mashed into your dog’s regular food.

    Chickpeas can also be baked/roasted in the oven for a crispy, crunchy treat for you and your dog!

    Chickpeas also promote good digestive health, help with alleviate constipation and lower the risk of colon issues including cancer.

    Chickpea flour can also be used in making healthy dog treats. Or, leave the baking to use and just share our Hummus Chews with your dog!

    (Note: Again, while chickpeas are a healthy food option for your dog,
    Hummus dip is not with the added lemon juice and garlic!)


    Our Hummus Chews are made with chickpeas (garbanzo beans) not processed hummus.


    All our treats are guilt-free with a limited number of 100% all-natural, USA ingredients to keep canine stomachs happy and full without an excess of empty calories that can lead to debilitating weight gain and health issues.


    The Dogs Love Hummus Chews

    The brand-new Dogs Love Hummus Chews

    (Check out all the healthy Dogs Love Kale products at


    Dogs Lvoe Kale cannot guarantee health benefits.

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